Make a Good Stay Great

My son-in-law Eric and I manage a six unit Airbnb in the Allentown neighborhood of Buffalo, NY. I have also been involved in Information Technology most of my adult life

Our Airbnb listings are here, we're on other platforms as well.

Yes, we are Superhosts, but we run into the same issues that you do. Not everything goes perfect with every guest, even with our best efforts.

So, Why MyCustomStay?

We've found that the various platforms do a great job of connecting us with visitors. But once that is complete, I've sometimes found that their systems are a bit lacking.

Extra cleaning for animals

We have two rooms where we allow animals. Some dogs shed, a lot. Cleaning up after an animal, and the odor they sometimes leave behind takes extra time. MyCustomStay gives you an easy way to bill for this, or other incidental items that come up.

Where'd the iron go?

If you have multiple units, you may find that the one time someone needs something, it's in the wrong room. Maybe it's a hairdryer, or DVD player, or something else that you have, that just got placed in the wrong room. If the person is only staying a night, not having the item may cost you a good review. By allowing guests to be specific about what they expect to be in the room, you can avoid the 6AM phone call, and keep that good review!

Could you send me my charger?

Guests will leave things behind, and often, ask you to send the item to them. MyCustomStay gives you a quick way to bill them for your expense.

Instructions, and other links

If you approach your hosting as a business, you look for areas where you can do something once, and 'reuse' it over and over. One example would be instructions for entering a specific unit. We went to great lengths to create entry information. Problem is, we couldn't send the link on some hosting platforms. With MyCustomStay, you can send links to your guests.

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