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She's been on the road all day,
get her in the right room fast

Provide instructions with images to let your
guest enter the apartment easily.
A great stay begins with a great start.

A great stay starts by getting your guest in their room safely and swiftly

A guest should never feel hesitant, or confused about how to get to their room

Optimizing Your Guests Stay

You've Got Enough to do, we send a text with the link automatically

Our systems monitor your calendar, see a new booking, and take care of sending the text to your new guest.

If you prefer, you can click on individual guests and send the link to only those guests you select.

Get Started

It's easy to set up

Just snap a few pictures, upload, and you're all set!

It works so well for a host, you'll swear it was written by one

Built for Hosts, by a Host

Complete Support to get you up and running. Adopting any new technology can be daunting, we'll be with you for any questions that come up.

Accepting charges to your own account We've partnered with Stripe to offer a state of the art, secure platform. You establish your own account with Stripe, letting you run your business the way you want.

Web based, so your guest doesn't install anything. MyCustomStay works on any device with just a click of the link.

Business Talk

Sharing a single back bedroom, or running a 200 hundred room hotel, we're ready to work with you.

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