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MyCustomStay engages your guest before they arrive, managing their expectations, and improving their experience once they arrive.

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Once your guest books, they receive a text like this. You can change the message to whatever you want. The advantage is that your guest doesn't need to install anything. Everything about their stay is embedded in that 8 character code. Clicking on that link displays the screen you see below.

Our system handles creating the link, and sending the text to the phone number the guest has registered with the hosting platform (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.). You just edit the first sentence, we insert the user's first name.

You choose which buttons are included (maybe you just want to do the custom map, or bill the guest for an extra night).

Below is a quick introduction to the five buttons your guest will see.

  • Easily bill guests for additional items, or bill for the entire stay
  • No more issue billing for bike rental, boat usage, milk or pop in the fridge, or having a pizza in the room when a guest arrives after a long day of travel. For repeat guests, you could use MyCustomStay to bill for the entire stay!

  • Many Hosts provide complimentary items, let your guests choose which free items are in there room.
  • Pop or Water, Doritos or Fresh Fruit? A good host knows their tastes may not be their guests.

  • Links to items of interest in your area, with links to the appropriate websites
  • Quickly and easily let your guests know what's available in the area. Linking to the websites lets your guests explore the places they're interested in.

  • Provide a Google Map of the area, with 'pins' on your favorite places.
  • Guests want your 'local knowledge', this allows you to provide it in a form they're accustomed to using.

  • Take the guesswork out of getting your guest into the right room.
  • Easily provide instructions with pictures to get your guest from the front of your place, to the right door, and to the right room.

    Responsive image Once your guests' book, they'll receive a text with a link to a web page like this.
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    MyCustomStay creates higher engagement with guests, making their experience more enjoyable.

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