Make a Good Stay Great

Set it Up Once, Let it Run

Automated vs. User Intervention

Once you are a member, you'll have the opportunity to enter information about each of your listings. One of the key elements is the location of the calendar that contains information about your listings. Our computers scan those listings to detect new bookings.

What will you Offer?

You choose what it is you will offer your guest, and whether there will be an additional charge. You might offer something more extravagant, like a guided tour of your waterfront by boat. Maybe you just want to easily charge for a late checkout, or extra cleaning for a couple staying with 100 pound Great Dane. The choice is yours. Once you've created the list, that's it! We handle getting the list to your guest.

You have a new booking!

When a guest books, they'll receive a text which has a link to the pages you've created. You determine which buttons to include on the initial page. Your guest can select the items they're interested in, and you'll be alerted to their selections.

How do I get paid?

If you choose to charge your customers for some items, you'll need to collect the money. When you sign up for MyCustomStay, you may link your account to a Stripe account. This stripe account will allow you to see all of your customers purchases, and to transfer the money to your bank account. By connecting directly with Stripe, we're able to keep our costs down.

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MyCustomStay creates higher engagement with guests, making their experience more enjoyable.