Make a Good Stay Great

Five Reasons to use MyCustomStay

MyCustomStay allows a host to easily provide a guest the opportunity to select items that will be provided when the guest arrives in their room.

The host can list items that are free, or have the option of listing items that the guest will be able to purchase.

1.) Increased Bookings

You may be a Superhost already, but you've probably noticed that many hosts are rated highly. Guests don't like to give low ratings, but it makes things difficult for a great host like you.

By using MyCustomStay, you let potential visitors know you'll go the extra mile in making their stay great.

2.) Monetize the 'Smaller' experience

You may have taken a look at hosting an Airbnb 'Experience'. It gets a bit confusing to the traveler when they're booking the experience, are they getting a room as well? It's more likely that you have some smaller experience that you could potentially monetize that doesn't warrant you creating a separate experience, and the giving Airbnb 20% to market it for you.

Go ahead and add the boat rental, or a guided tour of some local monument that really makes a stay at your place special.

3.) Increased Income per Guest

You may have started hosting on Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway or some other site to share an extra room. But it's not a bad way to earn some extra money. MyCustomStay let's you offer a better, customized stay for your guest, while earning you some extra dollars.

A guest coming in for a weeks stay may not want to spend half of the first day finding and getting to a local market. Offering Milk, bread, and a few other items at a reasonable price may be a win for both you and your guest. If your guest chooses not to take you up on the offer, at least you've offered, which counts!

4.) Reduce the Likelihood of an 11PM phone call

If you've been hosting long, you begin to anticipate what will prompt a phone call from a guest. "Do you have a hair dryer?", "Where's the iron?"... As a host, we have six units in the same building. We have some items that we shift between rooms, based on the guest... or more randomly, something ends up in one room because the last guest requested it. By offering a list of these items in advance, you get the right item, in the right room, making that late night call a thing of the past.

5.) Offer localized items that improve your guests experience

No matter your location, your guest is choosing to come to your city or town. What are the things you can provide your guest that they might have to normally go looking for?

Your guest may just be in town on business for two days, but making it easier for him to take home a t-shirt to his child may make him a hero, and he'll be a repeat visitor.

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