Make a Good Stay Great

Happier Guests, Higher Revenue

MyCustomStay engages with your guest before arrival, letting them set the stage for a great stay. You set it up once, we provide the information to each new booking automatically.

Use the parts of the program you like, discard those you see as less useful (you control which buttons appear to guests).

  • Let your guests choose which free items are in there room.
  • Pop, or Water, Doritos or Fresh Fruit? A good host knows their tastes may not be their guests.

  • Provide items unique to your place, for an additional fee
  • No more issue billing for bike rental, boat usage, milk or pop in the fridge, or having a pizza in the room when a guest arrives after a long day of travel.

  • Links to items of interest in your area, with links to the appropriate websites
  • We'll include this information on a map of paricipating hosts, that links to your booking site.

  • Map of the area, with flags on important places.
  • A host just doesn't have enough interaction with every guest, to go over every place a guest might be interested in.

  • Pictures and instructions to get your get from the front of your place, to the right door, to the right room.
  • Show the guest which unit is theres, and where the lockbox is (or other specialized instructions, along with pictures to drive the point home).

Once your guests book, they'll receive a text with a link to a web page like this. Responsive image
Responsive image

MyCustomStay creates higher engagement with guests, making their experience more enjoyable.

Who is doing this? My name is Marshall, I'm an Airbnb Superhost in Buffalo, NY, where we have six units. My son-in-law Eric helps manage the units, so recently I've focused on this project. I have been involved in computers and software for the last 30 years.

Why? All guests are under a certain time constraint. Whether it's the one night stay that's in town to see a hockey game, or a Law school graduate in town to take the Bar Exam, each values his or her time. Immediately though, they're at a disadvantage. They don't know where the closest store is, or restaurant, or any number of other places (and may not have transportation). By giving your guests some options before they arrive, you maximize their time, and increase the likelihood of a good review/repeat customer.

But I already put free stuff in the room? Most good hosts budget a small amount for free items. What I've found is that what you leave is unlikely to be what they want. Let them choose water, or pop. If you have lots of units, it's unlikely you have a DVD for each room. Every now and then, someone will ask for it. Nice to be able to give them the option long before they arrive, and have it in their room.

You CAN'T say that! How many times have you tried to send a link, or contact your guest in some way, only to have the platform say "Inappropriate Content". Funny, they don't help me clean the bathroom. Early on, to help guests get in their apartment after hours, we came up with this page. Getting it to the guest turned out to be a fiasco. We do away with this problem.

I'd like to rent bikes, or let the local tour guide make some money You may not have something that rises to the level of an experience (or want someone else to take 20%), but it's likely you have something of value to make your guests stay more enjoyable/memorable. Maybe it's just coordinating having a pizza in the room when they arrive, or a ride to the bus station for a few dollars. Our service gives you easy access to credit card payments put directly in your account.

Help me get booked! Reality is, there are millions of short-term rental hosts, on a number of different platforms. We'll help our hosts by putting you on a map that shows who is offering MyCustomStay. We will advertise to get guests to the page, and hopefully, to rent from some of our hosts. (The map has a link to your listing on the platform that you utilize.)

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about MyCustomStay. We'd be interested to hear your ideas about how we could make it even better for our hosts. Good Luck hosting!

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